Introducing Hothouse Grow Labs, the one and only portable, self-contained, lab-quality indoor grow environment on the planet. There is no other system like it!

After having spent over 20 years in the design, manufacturing and construction industries, a husband and wife team founded the company in 2014. Over the years, they designed and built numerous custom indoor gardens for clients all over the west coast. Being experienced gardeners themselves, they compiled their knowledge and experience to design and manufacture what is believed to be the finest grow room available.

Hothouse Grow Labs are engineered and constructed using the highest quality materials and workmanship to insure longevity and durability for any type of grower. We provide optimal growing conditions for your plants in this closed grow, sea of green (SOG)/screen of green (SCROG) system along with a cutting edge monitoring and control system.

Hothouse Grow Labs are turn-key, meaning that virtually everything you need is included… set up is minimal. It is designed with the novice AND seasoned gardener in mind.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or expert grower, growing in soil, coco or hydroponics, growing exotic plants, high-end produce or medical herb, Hothouse Grow Labs has you covered!

The novice can start out with soil or coco and progress into hydroponics as they build confidence in their ability. The expert can easily change between mediums depending on strain requirements all within the same unit.

Hothouse Grow Labs are self-contained and mobile, they can be easily relocated so your investment can move with you.

Hothouse Grow Labs come ready to use. Just connect to a 100 amp electrical service and water hose and you’re set. You can place them virtually anywhere (in a parking lot, in a building, in a garage, in your backyard, etc.). And if floor space is a problem, you can even stack them up to three high. Best of all, most areas do not require a building permit to set up or use them!

If you want to take control of your indoor garden and are looking for high yield and high quality for the most discerning taste, this is where to start.

Do you want to grow for yourself, but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in getting in to the indoor gardening industry but feel overwhelmed with the choices, decisions, materials and construction methods? Do well-meaning friends or garden supply employees give you confusing and conflicting advice? Trying to piece together a functioning indoor garden can be frustrating and time intensive, keeping you from what you’re trying to achieve, a successful garden!

At Hothouse Grow Labs, we’ve spent thousands of hours researching, building, and perfecting the ideal mix of complimentary components for optimal success. If you are ready to get your grow on, a Hothouse Grow Lab is the only choice!

Have you already harvested a few crops of your own? Maybe you have a small garden inside your home taking up a room or closet and want to reclaim that space. Are you using a grow tent but can’t get the quality yield you’re looking for? Are you ready take your grow to the next level? Hothouse Grow Labs can help you do that by offering top of the line components and total environmental control. This means you’ll see an immediate improvement over what you’ve been growing. We’ve put everything you could need or want into our Grow Labs so you can concentrate on what you want to do best…grow high yielding, quality plants! When you are ready to step up your game and get serious, Hothouse Grow Labs is ready to go. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make this important investment sooner.
Have you been growing for years and really know what you’re doing? Do you have a storefront and need to grow for yourself to lower costs and increase profit? Do you need to expand your production but don’t have the time and money to build a facility? Are you are wondering what a Grow Lab could do for you? With a Hothouse Grow Lab, the optimal set-up is done for you, so you’re not wasting time on research, design and construction. Hothouse Grow Labs are self contained and come ready to use so you can focus on what you do best – Grow!

Hothouse Grow Labs offer excellent scalability allowing the grower to increase and diversify the grow as needs change. You can buy one now and add as more as they are needed. If floor space is limited you can even stack them up to three high for optimal space savings. Having multiple Grow Labs allows you to grow “cellular” meaning you can separate your strains, stagger your harvests, minimize risk and potential contaminants and maximize profits. A bug or other issue in one “cell” stays contained and has no effect on your other crops.

When you’re ready to scale up production, increase quality and increase profit, Hothouse Grow Labs have exactly what you need!

“We have seen such a significant improvement on the quality of product grown in a
Hothouse Grow Lab that we only purchase our connoisseur quality product from growers using them.”

Key Features

Each Grow Lab begins as a brand new 20 foot shipping container made from rust-proof Cor-Ten steel. New shipping containers are expensive and difficult to find, but Hothouse Grow Labs uses these to ensure each Grow Lab is a secure, air-tight building that is perfectly square. This keeps light and air fully contained and allows the doors to open and close easily. Using the less expensive, used containers that you see in construction yards simply will not meet the stringent construction requirements of Hothouse Grow Labs.

Each Grow Lab is designed with the air conditioning and heating unit mounted outside on the back end of the Grow Lab along with a conveniently located propane tank, interior drain, and fresh water hook-up in the same area. We’ve installed the electrical connection at the side of the unit for easy access to the interior electrical panel. You can choose between two standard colors (gray or tan), or we can provide a custom exterior color as an option to match your house or building or to even help it blend in with the surroundings!

The Grow Lab’s interior is where the money is made. At Hothouse Grow Labs, we have created an interior that is top of the line, all the way. It starts with all-steel framing, fully-welded and riveted for optimal strength. We’ve installed a full envelope of high-density rigid foam insulation covering the walls, ceiling and floor along with two layers of heat and RF reflective aluminum foil, allowing us to achieve an R-value of 13-plus. All penetrations and gaps are meticulously sealed with high-density spray foam insulation or caulk for a complete airtight and light-tight space.

The ceiling is covered in water-resistant sheetrock with a white waterproof gloss coating. The walls and floor are covered in high-end lab grade gloss white ceramic tile with an epoxy stain proof grout. Tile was chosen to provide a waterproof, non-porous surface that is highly light reflective and impervious to chemicals. It is also easy to clean and can be done on a regular basis without damage. We’ve also engineered and installed a floor drain that allows you to wash down the walls and floor with a hose and the water will simply drain out. No more shop vacs!

Proper air flow that is clean and odorless with the correct levels of humidity and CO2 is one of the most crucial elements in an indoor garden, especially in a closed-grow system. One of the many things that sets Hothouse Grow Labs apart from other indoor gardens is our air-quality system is actually engineered to provide the perfect atmosphere for your plants.

Most other indoor gardens have some inefficient window air-conditioners or an improperly installed mini-split system, multiple fans and filters to try to get air moving around, a floor mounted dehumidifier (if one at all) and a window partly open for CO2. Hothouse Grow Labs have one central, highly efficient, robust air conditioning/heating unit with built-in air filtration, dehumidification and CO2 production.

Each Grow Lab comes standard with a 3 ton (36,000btu), 13 SEER central air conditioning unit with a built in 10kw (36,000btu) electric heating element upgradable to up to 5 ton (60,000btu), 15 SEER air conditioning and up to 60,000btu heat pump. We’ve engineered the system to include an Energy Star rated 70 pint industrial dehumidifier (upgradeable to 90 pint) and a high efficiency liquid-cooled propane CO2 generator that is built right into the central air system to ensure each plant gets the same high quality air. This system also includes built in activated carbon filtration to remove odors and MERV 11 HEPA filtration to remove virtually all airborne particles including pollen and bacteria. All of the air in a Hothouse Grow Lab is filtered and conditioned over 50 times per hour providing the cleanest, healthiest air possible! We even built in an air curtain to keep all that perfectly conditioned air inside even when the door is open.

Hothouse Grow Labs come with a complete system of heavy-duty racks, plant trays and lids custom made by HGL. We’ve designed and built them out of fully welded and bolted steel, then powder-coated the steel with a heavy-duty epoxy coating for chemical resistance. A resilient gloss white top coat has been added for light reflection, wear and UV resistance. The trays are set up to allow easy to reach access for each plant and to optimize light penetration through the canopy. Our innovative design allows for a growing space that is 20% larger than the floor space used. We’ve also included custom made, fully adjustable trellis frames to support the heavy branches of your high-yielding plants.

Hothouse Grow Labs are designed to work equally well using virtually any growing medium including soil, coco and various types of hydroponics. If you’re new to growing, you could start out using soil which is the most forgiving, then move on to coco for slightly higher yields. As you learn and want to take your garden to the highest level possible, you can easily switch over to soilless hydroponics all within the same space. The trays hold up to 98 plants and, best of all, everything you need is included.

Horticultural lighting is one of the most hotly debated subjects in the indoor garden arena. New gardeners can be overwhelmed by the variety of lighting systems on the market. Over the years, we have tried virtually every type of horticultural lighting system on the market including florescent, LED, LEP, MH, and HPS single- and double-ended. Each system has its pros and cons. For instance, one system may reduce the amount of heat produced to save on A/C costs but the light may not have the perfect light spectrum or correct PAR to produce higher yields. In our experience, we have seen the highest quality and highest yields using double-ended, open reflector HPS fixtures with supplemental plasma fixtures. The additional cooling costs associated with using these fixtures are far outweighed by the additional high quality yield. Hothouse Grow Labs come standard with six primary Gavita Pro 6/750e Flex fixtures with Hortistar double ended HPS (high pressure sodium) lamps AND two supplemental Gavita Pro 270e LEP (light emitting plasma) fixtures. Although each condition is unique, we have routinely seen very high, connoisseur-quality yields with this Gavita fixture combination.

For task lighting we’ve built in both white lighting for daytime use or when changing grows over AND green lighting so you can still enter and work even during your plants night time. In the foyer we’ve included an overhead light as well.

Hothouse Grow Labs come with a complete, versatile nutrient and water delivery system for your plants. Whether you choose to grow in soil, coco, Rockwool or ECP, this complete system will meet your needs. The system begins with a high-capacity reverse osmosis filter that can fill either one of the two included 80 gallon water/nutrient tanks. The tanks are custom-made to fit under the shade of the plant trays to keep excess UV light from inducing algae growth and fowling the water. This strategic location also allows for a larger garden footprint and workspace area by placing them in an otherwise unused space. Depending on how you choose to grow, you can either use one tank as a water conditioning reservoir and one tank as your nutrient reservoir for all plants or you can use both tanks as nutrient reservoirs for extra capacity or feed two different strains their specific nutrient needs. Each tank is supplied with high grade pumps for feeding and transferring water and nutrients. The drip lines are pre filtered with an easy to clean 100 mesh particulate filter to keep them from clogging. Also included is an industrial grade air pump connected to air stones in each tank to keep your feeding solution aerobic and clean. We’ve provided the options to water/feed your plants in a number of ways including automatic drip, automatic ebb and flow (flood and drain), automatic nutrient film technique (NFT) and manual hose. Simply connect a garden hose to the supplied exterior connection and you’re ready to go!

Hothouse Grow Labs have been designed to be the most versatile, self-contained indoor gardens on the planet. They’re totally secure, fully insulated and ready to grow. A Hothouse Grow Lab isn’t just a grow room, it’s the entire freestanding building. You can place them virtually anywhere – your yard, a garage, behind your business, inside a warehouse, in a parking lot and even stack them up to three units high! Talk about space savings!

Do you rent your home or commercial space? What would it cost to take down and remove a built-in indoor garden? What would the repairs to the building cost? Hothouse Grow Labs allow you to get set up and running in hours instead of months. Other than having power and water, no other construction or tenant improvements are needed. And, if you need to move you can take your Grow Lab with you. In most areas you can get it moved for just a few hundred bucks. You can even leave your plants undisturbed while moving. Now that’s peace of mind!

We’ve designed Hothouse Grow Labs to work for you. You can choose to grow using virtually any combination of soil or soilless mixtures, and nutrient or water mixtures. Hothouse Grow Labs are really set up as two independent growing systems. One on each side of the aisle. Each side has its own 80 gallon reservoir and can hold up to 49 plants. This allows you multiple scenarios, such as growing two different strains (one on each side) with two different nutrient requirements to maximize yield; using soil on one side irrigating drain to waste and using recirculation ebb and flow hydroponics on the other side; or using soil or hydroponics on both sides with one reservoir used for feeding both sides and the other reservoir for storing and conditioning reverse osmosis water. Any of this and more can be done by simply turning a few well-labeled valves.
Everything is included!

Hothouse Grow Labs can be controlled from anywhere in the world! Each Grow Lab comes with a state of the art Iponic 614 master garden controller built in. With this you can securely view and adjust any of your gardens environmental parameters from your computer or Smartphone all while viewing inside and out using the included security cameras.

On vacation? Stuck across town or at work? Wake up in the middle of the night and just want to know? You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the ability to check in on your plants and make environmental and feeding adjustments no matter where you are, no matter what time. You can even set up your master controller and security cameras to send you text or email notifications if anything is out of normal. And, if you have multiple Grow Labs, you can set it up to see all of the environmental controls from one computer. Now that’s total control!

Security to most growers is second only to growing high yield, quality product. Having a secure, stress free garden starts with anonymity. If no one knows you have a garden then presumably nobody would know to try to break in. That is the first line of defense for a Hothouse Grow Lab. Being built using a shipping container most people wouldn’t even look twice at it. They are seen everywhere from parking lots and back yards to construction sites and storage facilities. They are designed to blend in with their surroundings. Then, we have the building itself. Grow Labs are constructed from solid steel. The exterior steel doors have 1 inch steel locking bars that hold the doors securely closed at six separate points. Up to four high strength padlocks can be installed with one of them unreachable by cutting tools. Hothouse Grow Labs are essentially a giant safe!

We have also included, as a standard item, four high definition color security cameras with night vision and a 1TB video recorder all with internet remote monitoring capabilities. There are two cameras pre-installed in the garden area itself to keep an eye on your plants, one camera pre-installed in the foyer and one camera pre-wired to install outside the main doors if you choose.

To keep you feeling safe while working inside your Grow Lab, we built in a feature to allow you to lock the main doors from the inside while preventing them from being locked from the outside!

Even though Hothouse Grow Labs are ultimately designed for the plants comfort and proliferation, we did add in a few features with the grower in mind. At the foyer to your Grow Lab, we’ve built in a cabinet with a counter to give you a place to mix your nutrients on and a set of shelves to store them. We’ve added a seat to sit on and a set of hooks on the wall to hang your lab coat and garden clothes. The area under the seat to put your street and garden shoes. We’ve even installed Bluetooth speakers so you (and your plants) can listen to some uplifting music!

All Hothouse Grow Labs are delivered ready to use. Once the Grow Lab is delivered and correctly set in place you’ll just need to connect a 100 amp electrical service to the supplied junction box (we suggest you use a licensed electrician) and connect a standard garden hose to the water inlet and you’re ready to get growing. We even supply the propane tank for the CO2 generator, filled and ready to go so you can get started faster! You can add an optional drain hose to the exterior drain line to move water away from the building if you choose. That’s it! All you’ll need are growing medium, seedlings, and nutrients and you’re ready to grow!

When you order a Hothouse Grow Lab you’ll be treated like a VIP from the start. We know you’re making a big investment and we’ll take care of you every step along the way. We’re a small company and truly care about what we do. Upon placing an order, we will walk you through the site requirements and timelines. Then, each week, we’ll email with an updated progress report of your Grow Lab construction. When your new Grow Lab is ready to ship, we’ll set up a delivery date and time that works for you. A member of our company will arrive on-time to insure your Grow Lab is set correctly. We will then remove all packaging and shipping protection and dispose of it. Once set in place and hooked up to electricity and water (provided by customer), we will complete any additional set up of lights and pumps and provide on-site training to help you get to know the system. Although we don’t assist in any actual planting, we’re happy to give you advice to help with your success. After delivery and set-up, we will follow up with you to answer any questions you have and remain available by phone, text and email for as long as you need to help insure your successful gardening!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer Hothouse Grow Labs in a 40 foot version. We have found that there is no cost savings in doing so. The cost is literally doubled for a 40 foot Grow Lab and it is much more difficult and expensive to move.
Our lead times vary depending on work load but we typically ship in six weeks from the time the order is received.
Hothouse Grow Labs requires a 220v 100 amp electrical service and a 3/4″ water line that can be supplied by a garden hose. There is also a 1″ drain line that can be connected to a exterior drain if you choose.
Hothouse Grow Labs are turn-key. See the “What’s Included” section below for a list of the major components included.
Hothouse Grow Labs require a relatively small space. The outside of the Grow Lab measures 8 feet 6 inches tall by 8 feet wide by 23 feet long. Ideally you’ll need about 4 feet of clearance on all sides and only about 6 inches on top. Call us to discuss your site and we’ll help you figure a way to make it work.
Check your local zoning, but there are no restrictions in most locations.
Check your local requirements, but no permits are required for most areas. You may need a permit and to use a licensed electrician to install the electrical service.
Hothouse Grow Labs come with an activated carbon filter and a MERV 11 HEPA filter installed in the main blower and the room is filtered over 50 times per hour. There is rarely even a smell inside the room let alone outside the Grow Lab.
Each situation is different depending on what you’re growing. Call us to discuss your specific situation.
Hothouse Grow Labs come ready to use any growing medium including soil, coco and soilless hydroponics (both ebb and flow and nutrient film technique).
Yes. Please contact us for more information.
Yes. The door opening would need to be at least 9 feet wide and 9 feet tall. Ideally you’ll need about 4 feet of clearance on all sides and about 6 inches on top. You can work with less clearance but you would at least have to have 4 feet of clearance for the door to open and you’ll need to make sure there is enough ventilation for the A/C unit to work properly. Call us to discuss your site and we’ll help you figure a way to make it work.
Hothouse Grow Labs are designed to work in temperatures ranging from 10-110 degrees Fahrenheit.
When the A/C is on you can hear the compressor humming, otherwise it is very quiet.
There is a one inch drain line exiting the bottom back of the building. It can be left to drain on the ground or connected to drain where desired. If growing organically, we recommend recycling your runoff.
No, Hothouse Grow Labs does not include any planting medium, nutrients, or the plants themselves. We do however, include 98 grow baskets to use with the included lids for hydroponics and 98 two gallon plastic nursery pots to use with either the soil or coco.


Each Hothouse Grow Lab includes (but not limited to)


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DISCLAIMER: Hothouse Grow Labs strives to provide the newest and best grow technologies and continually upgrades components and construction methods as better field tested products come on to the market. As such your Grow Lab may look slightly different from the model shown. Rest assured your Grow Lab will be the latest and greatest! Hothouse Grow Labs is a California corporation.